Vernaspeq - Thinkerbell
1. Thinkerbell 04:21
2. Thinkerbell (Charlie Decker Remix) 06:25

The story behind this release is a little stranger than that of the TBA series. I wrote this track in 2006 with the intention of collaborating with my good friend Chuck (Charlie Decker). Thought I lost the original and remix the same way I lost the TBA series and others. However, I found the original version of the song online on a music compilation from 2006. The remix mysteriously appeared on my hard drive... credits released July 26, 2016

Thanks to JimJones for compiling the original compilation. I don't know who you are and don't remember much from the OiNK forum days but your effort is appreciated.

Photography and production by Giuseppe Testa.

Song and album cover remix by Chuck Norris

Mastered by Jesse Graffam @ Masterful Audio

License © all rights reserved

16 BIT 44,100 kHz MASTERS
(FLAC & MP3)


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