Vernaspeq - TBA 7

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1. Altocumulus 04:31
2. Subtropic 05:11
3. Incrinim N Crete 07:25

After Summer 2007 I deleted all my original project files in a fit of rage. Luckily, Summer 2007 was originally released on a CD for friends and family. However, the tracks created before that release never ended up getting released. Hence the title, TBA (To Be Announced). If my close friend had never asked me for all my music at the time, I would have lost all my early works.
Released January 13, 2016
Photography & Production by Giuseppe Testa between 2005 & 2006
Mastered by Jesse Graffam @ Masterful Audio
Thank you, Mitch

License © all rights reserved

16 BIT 44,100 kHz MASTERS
(WAV & MP3)

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