Vernaspeq - TBA 7
1. Altocumulus 04:31
2. Subtropic 05:11
3. Incrinim N Crete 07:25

After Summer 2007 I deleted all my original project files in a fit of rage. Luckily, Summer 2007 was originally released on a CD for friends and family. However, the tracks created before that release never ended up getting released. Hence the title, TBA (To Be Announced).

Released January 13, 2016

Photography & Production by Giuseppe Testa between 2005 - 2006

Mastered by Jesse Graffam @ Masterful Audio

Special thanks to Mitchell, my close friend for whom-if he had never asked me for all my music at the time, I would have lost my early works.

License © all rights reserved

16 BIT 44,100 kHz MASTERS
(FLAC & MP3)



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